Innovative. Profitable. Clean.

Polar Well Stimulation®

Harness the power of nature with our revolutionary well stimulation system, which 

has been designed around fracturing technology that is billions of years old.



Dramatically increase profit margins.

Dramatically decrease environmental impacts.

Triple D Technologies Inc has developed the new gold-standard for oil and gas well fracturing. A small fraction of the water, no sand, no chemicals, significantly smaller footprint--and best of all--higher profits!

INTRODUCING Polar Well Stimulation®


What would your shareholders say if you said:

“We can dramatically increase our profit margin using a simplified natural fracturing method that has 4 billion years of proven global results and no toxic risk.”

  Polar Well Stimulation®

  • Dramatically reduce noise, emissions and traffic on roadways and wellsites

  • Maximize well productivity

  • Minimal specialized equipment

  • Lower production costs 

  • Simplify fracturing process

  • Reduce water usage by 99%

  • No chemicals or proppants

  • Versatile and portable