Using our patented closed-loop down-hole refrigeration system, Polar Well Stimulation®uses repeated freeze-thaw cycles to propagate fractures 360° into the surrounding rock. This same freeze-thaw cycle has flattened mountains over the millenia, and is responsible for the nasty potholes that damage our vehicles every spring.

Powerful. Precise.
  • Our unique technology achieves, at minimum, triple the pressure of conventional fracturing processes. Whole lateral or vertical wells can be stimulated, and areas that are fractured can be isolated, with no packer or bridge plug retrieval. 

Evironmentally Responsible.

 Using less than 1% of the water of conventional fracturing methods, Polar Well Stimulation® helps preserve our natural environment for what's really important. Our method drastically reduces the equipment needed to complete a well, and the footprint of the operation. Finally, no additional chemicals or proppants are required, further reducing the overall environmental impact of your operations.

Effective. Profitable
  • Ours is the only process in the world that can safely re-enter and re-fracture multiple zone systems as many times as needed.* Re-entering the well multiple times can be cost-effective, safe, and profitable. Polar Well Stimulation® is the ideal choice for previously fracked wells with low or non-existent production rates. 

*The inside diameter (ID) of the existing multi-zone system must be at least 4".

Looking Forward. Green Energy.

Due to the extremely high pressures we are able to achieve, Polar Well Stimulation® is a great choice for your geothermal operations. Triple D Technologies Inc. is ready and able to take full advantage of the burgeoning green energy economy.